An Adventure Above the Trees!

Embark on an unforgettable Canopy Adventure in Seward, where eight ziplines, three suspension bridges, and two rappels await to elevate your senses amidst breathtaking vistas. Beginning at the Adventure Center in the Seward Small Boat Harbor, guests are transported to the towering Stoney Creek Welcome Center, where expert guides outfit them with gear and impart essential ziplining techniques. From traversing lush rainforest canopies to soaring above glacial valleys, each moment promises an exhilarating fusion of adrenaline and awe, culminating in memories to cherish for a lifetime.

 Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure Seward Alaska Zipline Tour

Sail above and through a gorgeous stand of North Pacific Temperate Rain Forest high above a glacial valley floor just six miles north of Seward, Alaska, near the northern tip of Resurrection Bay. Guests will meet at the Adventure Center in the Seward Small Boat Harbor where they will board a Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures van and drive out to the course. Vans leave promptly from the Adventure Center 30 minutes prior to the tour time. As participants arrive on location they will be met by the sight of a large yurt perched in a tree above them.  You will be able to enjoy zip lines that range between 65 to 1,100 feet across valley walls. Sail over reflecting ponds and encounter a glorious view of wildlife as you soar over nature itself.

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